Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God made you for the Secret Place not the Platform

In my morning Bible/prayer time a few days ago I was reading in Psalms and I came to the realization that God had made me for the sole purpose of what I was currently doing at that very moment.  Simply sitting on the couch, holding my Bible and learning about who He is and merely spending time with Him.  That is when I felt deep down in my gut that God did not create me for the Platform (public life), He created me for the secret place.  the place where no one sees me or hears me but Him, a place of intimacy.  I believe when we realize that we were made for the sole purpose of knowing Him and being known by Him we begin to see the truth about who we are and who he really is and what life is all about....everything else (cares of this life) will diminish out of sight......

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