Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thoughts for today

I am reminded that to whom much is given much is required. We have been given so much and so many times we do not even see it because we filter everything wrong. It is like the saying, "I once was frustrated I could not have new shoes, but then I met a man who had no feet." Joy and peace are attainable in life no matter where on the money chain you fall. It all has to do with how you filter the circumstances of life. Our filters are awfully partial to the "me" attitude. And I truly believe we as a country need a reality check! And we need to realize the favor of God is not always permanant! We have got to maintain humility and be faithful stewards of what God has given us no matter on what level. Because in the end we will give account. Think about this, the Bible says ALL AUTHORITY has been given to us in the name of Jesus. And if we truly think about our daily lives and how much we do or do not steward that aspect of what we have been given, then we have truly missed the greatest thing that we are supposed to be stewards of.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ecclesia's Thanksgiving Kids Choir with Twila Paris

Thanks Twila for all the hard work!!

Hannah, where did the years go? Growing up! Here's Bethany, and with a smile on her face! WOW!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Go LSU!!!!!!! Score prediction LSU 28 Arkansas 10

Here is a family in Bella Vista we met this morning help move couches....that is

"tootie the tongue"...what's up tootie?
Looks like the Razorback's in trouble!!!

This is Gastone....he has some Florida relatives they said

Hope you get all your mail!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Next level

God has been challenging me. Here is a message I emailed our worship team today and I would like to share it with you.


Also I have been praying about how to go to the next level. God has been challenging me that we have have done a lot musically to advance our excellence but that now it is time to increase the anointing (His presence) and to truly go to the next level as a team spiritually . The Word says in the book of James, "Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you." And He has been laying it on my heart that His church, and definitely those in leadership positions (US) need to be putting an emphasis on working under the anointing because ultimately that is what brings the power to change people's lives. The rest is just music and the mere ideas of man. I say all that to say that I've been stirred to revive fasting in my life on regular basis. Not as a duty but as a joy. Not as a rule but as a sign of passionate pursuit. Fasting and prayer was meant to be a part of the lives of those in the church. Paul said, "When you fast." Jesus told His disciples for now you do not fast because I am with You, but when I go away you will fast. It keeps us focused on what pleases the heart of God (which brings Him close to us) and keeps us from focusing on us and selfishness. It cleanses and purifies us so that we can be filled wholly (fully) with the power to affect change in the spiritual realm and see it manifest in the natural. I am reminded of the disciples who had not implemented this concept in their lives yet, they were merely doing "church" if you will and when confronted with a demon possessed boy (let's just say a time when they needed the power of God in their lives) they could not deal with the situation. The father brought the boy to Jesus and told Him that His disciples could not do anything for the boy. Then Jesus rebuked His disciples and said, "How long must I be with you." Basically he was frustrated that they had not been self disciplined enough to dig in, and separate themselves further from the world and its influence and gain the power that they needed to actually minister and not just look and act like Jesus's disciples. Because that day, that was all they could do, is look pretty. Then Jesus told them that the only way they would have been able to heal the demon possessed boy was through prayer and fasting. Guys, I don't know about you, but I want to be effective and not just a person that looks the part. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit what it is in your life that will take you to the next level. If you are wondering what fasting is, basically the word fast means literally: to abstain from food. And this is for the purpose of drawing closer to God and His will for our lives. You can do a day a week. You can do a meal a day. The amount of time you do it is between you and God. But at least be reminded of this powerful tool to prepare us for unleashing the power of God. It IS powerful. And the book of Isaiah describes it as the thing that sets us free from bondage. I love you guys very much. Let's "raise the standard" and see God explode on the scene!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The motorcycle experience..Joy and Faith..The coolest nieces one could have!!

Here are my brother's girls...They are truly the most hilariously cool nieces I could have asked for. Joy's helmet (the one furthest back) hit Faith's helmet (the one in the middle) and Faith exclaimed, "Joy, you have the biggest head!!!" I laughed so hard I cried.

Hannah's ride...

Hannah is always the cautious one. She was uncertain about going even though she is the only one that can remember when I owned my last one. I think she was three. She finally got on and really took to it after we were rollin'.

Bethany's ride...

Bethany is a wild one. She thoroughly enjoyed the ride. She is one of a kind.


Here is Josiah. He had a blast on his first motorcycle ride. Josiah is convinced he is going to have one. I told him what my dad told me. "When you are 18 and can buy and insure it yourself then you can get one."

Friday, August 31, 2007

Put the cat down!

Josiah, gently loving on our recent addition to our family. Samson (the cat) we really do love you Samson!

Divine appointments..........

Yesterday I was pulling out of my driveway to go to the new building our church is moving into and I felt a weird reminder to go get my oil changed. On the way I was listening to the song "Friend of God" (this is for you Brock) and had an incredibly intimate moment with God. As I pulled up to the oil change place oddly enough no other customers were there. I also felt like I was supposed to start the song from the beginning so that it would be playing while I was inside. After about twenty minutes my car was done. The husband and wife that own the oil change place both walked back in after performing the oil change and the husband (who has never come into the customer area before) asked me, "Who is singing that song in your car?"

Long story short, twenty minutes later we had spoken about his and his wife's upbringing, church, and lives. They commited to come to Keypoint and see us. THAT IS THE TYPE OF GOD WE SERVE! One who can lead and guide us in EVERYTHING we do!!