Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lie: Christianity disproved by Science

There is a total brazen lie out there that says Science and Christianity do not mix.  I want to take a brief moment and address this subject.  Dear christian do not be bullied by others who are counting on your ignorance.  This is what has happened.  The christian world is being bullied by people who are just merely saying what they have to say louder than anyone else and they are counting on our ignorance to substantiate their claims.  I want to give you two simple scientific rules that will help your perspective of Creation/Christianity and Science.....

1st Law of Thermodynamics states:  Energy can not be created nor destroyed only altered in form.

Something set us in motion, it DID NOT just come from nothing.  In short, if you believe in the "Big Bang", you must also give reasonable thought that there was a "Big Banger".  Someone who through the power of His Word might have spoken, and it was. (Genesis)

2nd Law of Thermodynamics states: Entropy....Any system left to itself tends towards disorder. 

Things left to themselves degenerate, they do not get better over time.  If I buy a car it rusts.  If I buy a rusty car it does not become new.  If I spin a plate it will tend to slow down  and I will have to spin it again.  The earth and creation due to the laws that govern us currently (science if you will) is dying.  It is NOT evolving and speeding up or getting better.  This is evolution's thought.  That we are progressing and tending to more order as we go.  This is what contradicts science.

Bottom line?  We are in need of God.  We are broken because our relationship with God was broken.  Christianity is the most reasonable thought after scrutinizing all other world views.  It has been said that every world view MUST ANSWER four questions:


And it MUST be done with coherence (logical connection). Christianity is the only one that accomplishes this.  DO NOT BE BULLIED.  We have faith BECAUSE OF OUR EVIDENCE.  Our faith is based on evidence, it is not some delusion that has been made up to cope with life.  If anything those who deny God need to look at the evidence.  It is overwhelmingly in favor of a Creator.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Think Deeper: Truth

I ran across this quote last week that said:

There is no original truth, only original error.Gaston Bachelard
Can I explain to you the error of this statement?  
You see, in order to have error, you MUST have truth. This is the only standard by which you can measure error.  It is Ironic that those who preach the loudest against truth and turn many away preach on pedestals that defy reason and that do not stand up to logic.
Without a previous standard there is NO WAY to measure whether or not the standard has been kept. It is like before the rules of a new game are invented you call someone a poor player.  There is no way to know what separates let's say a good bowler from a bad one if there were no previous standards as to what determines a good bowler in the first place.
Lets not take the thoughts of others just because they say them with passion or conviction. Make their statements stand up to logic, reason and Truth....God's Word IS truth!