Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Think Deeper: Truth

I ran across this quote last week that said:

There is no original truth, only original error.Gaston Bachelard
Can I explain to you the error of this statement?  
You see, in order to have error, you MUST have truth. This is the only standard by which you can measure error.  It is Ironic that those who preach the loudest against truth and turn many away preach on pedestals that defy reason and that do not stand up to logic.
Without a previous standard there is NO WAY to measure whether or not the standard has been kept. It is like before the rules of a new game are invented you call someone a poor player.  There is no way to know what separates let's say a good bowler from a bad one if there were no previous standards as to what determines a good bowler in the first place.
Lets not take the thoughts of others just because they say them with passion or conviction. Make their statements stand up to logic, reason and Truth....God's Word IS truth!

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