Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blown Away! Journey to CHR Launch Day!

Yesterday as we are in month 6 of the preparation process to launch Church at Hampton Roads in Chesapeake Virginia I get this text from my wife Sarah.  It included a picture of a card and a check for the church plant.  

It was an amazing reminder that God is the one driving this thing and not us!  The check was for thousands of dollars.  The card basically said, 

 ...we (the people that gave the check) had been talking about what we were going to be doing for vacation with the money we had saved prior to going to bed last night, whether to go to the beach or skiing.  But I (the wife) woke up last night and God told me to give the money to you instead.....God has big xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I sobbed.  It was a powerful moment where God gently reminded me again in this journey that saying, "yes" is where the power, the provision and the peace is.  It is in obedience to Him, which is true worship, that all we could ever hope for or imagine awaits us and all who submit to Him, His plans, His desires.

God You are truly faithful, constant and devoted to those who truly aligned with You.......and I love you regardless of what I could ever receive just because you are worthy of it....


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