Friday, October 30, 2015

Something Has Changed

Recently Joel and I were approached with the statement, "The church feels different."  My heart broke for the people we were talking to because they were missing out on so much.   I want to put this out there to help anyone else struggling in this way.  

If you feel your church has changed or you feel disconnected you should ask yourself these questions

How many Sunday's have I missed lately? 
When is the last women's/men's event I attended?
When was the last church outreach I was a part of?
What small group am I in?
What team am I serving on?
Who am I personally discipling for Christ within my church?

If you are continually missing church, not participating in the events and outreaches of your church, not plugged into a small group, not serving others and not pouring into someone else in your church YOU WILL feel like something has changed and most of the time it IS NOT your church.  It's easy for us to point the finger somewhere else instead of examining ourselves and our priorities.  If we are disconnected constantly in this way it is also unbiblical.

When we allow sports, fitness, theme parks, the beach, camping, concerts, friends, even work, etc.... to take constant elongated priority over God's plan for us and His Church we can guarantee something is going to be off because our priorities are out of order.

We were created to be a VITAL part of the body of Christ, and when we are not functioning and plugged into that role we are missing the mark.  The word vital means "absolutely necessary or important; essential."  When we decide to continually disconnect from church for any reason, the body of Christ you are a part of is missing a vital part of it.  So not only does it hurt you and allow feelings of being disconnected to creep in, it also hurts that body of believers.  If I were to decide to cut off my arm, that arm would die and at the same time the rest of my body would be missing a very valuable asset.  It's the same thing with you and being connected to a church.

Will you go to hell for missing church or not being a part of your church's events? Of course not!  But it WILL affect whether you feel connected or not as well as your spiritual growth.

Satan would love nothing more than for you to disconnect from the body, don’t give him that victory over you, STAY (OR GET) PLUGGED IN, keep your priorities straight. 

The local church is the hope of the world, don’t miss out being a part of it!!!

Sarah Brown

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