Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Things That Hinder...Watch Out.

I was reminded lately that selfish ambition plays a large part in offense.  James chapter 4 asks us where the conflict and fights come from that are between us?  Isn't it from the selfishness that wars within us?

Have you ever heard a statement that unveils a persons insecurity? Have you ever sensed another persons jealousy because maybe they are not being seen enough or used enough?  Is this you?  Here are just a couple of quick thoughts:

Offense is just the sign that you are not dead yet.  Jesus said in Matthew 16:24, "...whoever wants to be my disciple MUST DENY THEMSELVES take up their cross and follow me."  Jesus also said not to fight back if anyone takes advantage of us.  Christians, it could be said are merely defined as the the living dead.  If you are able to be offended as a Christian you are wrong.  It's not all about you.

If you can not deal with people getting more attention than you, you will never let Jesus get more attention than you.  Which means God can not at this point promote you to where you are actually wanting to be because insecurity will DEMAND you get worth from that promotion, NOT from God alone.  When you are alright with not having the attention here on earth from people you will see your promotion.  Because at that point Jesus will be able to be first, in front of you.

These two things will cut off your influence with people and God. GET RID OF OFFENSE & INSECURITY.  My heart is passionate to see all of us free, and in a place of influence.  God must be first and we have to love others MORE than ourselves.

Pastor Joel  

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