Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pastors, Stop Leading

This title hit me like a TON of bricks this morning.  My mind goes back to Moses who was an amazing leader.  He led MILLIONS of people successfully out of Egypt (Exodus) and led them for years in a brutal desert and helped them position themselves for taking the Promised Land (Canaan).

But, why was he successful as one of Israel's greatest leaders?  How was he able to know where to go and what to do?  Well, there was a cloud that led them by day and a pillar of fire by night.  Then there was the massive amount of time he spent before God.  Seeking God's heart for the next step.

It comes to me that we, as pastors, seemingly responsible for the lives and souls of people have been trying to lead more successfully as the years progress and we begin to get anxious because the focus is on us being better leaders.  One of the key truths I see about Moses is that he was not an incredible leader, he was an incredible follower.

If you are wanting to alleviate the pressure of leadership, if you are tired of being attacked by fear, then stop trying to lead.  You and I, even though in the world's eyes are leading people, are truly as good leaders merely following.

God IS THE OWNER, we are the managers.  Jesus said very specific, freeing words that are a promise for you and I in the verbal exchange with Peter in Matthew 16:18, "......I will build My Church...."

Let's be GREAT FOLLOWERS.  Put the responsibility of building the church on God's shoulders.  His shoulders are designed to carry that weight.  Free yourself from having to create a result.  His is the church, His is the result, His is ALL the power.......all you can do is love people, love God and be obedient to what He is specifically saying to spend time with the Owner, He WILL be faithful to give you the next step IF you are listening....


Chad said...
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Chad said...

The whole exodus was a huge portrait of the fathers heart and his longing for simple fellowship... or should say that he just wanted his people to trust him and not a law...

I think its equally important to see Moses destiny and life. It seems that those of the Old Testament walked more closely with the Lord. I know people are close today you

just don't always hear about it. They had such awesome faith and it seems like those who don't walk in this would feel burdened and more like performance based Christianity. Which is pretty much living by the law :D. Anyways, thanks for sharing!