Monday, May 7, 2012

The Greatest Sign of Expectation is Preparation

Last night was our first Launch Team Meeting in which Sarah and I were actually physically present for the meeting and not joining in via the Internet.  It was an amazing feeling.  We had wondered off and on when we would finally get to plant our feet on Virginian soil seeing how we have been in transition over a year at this point and we were still in Northwest Arkansas.

Well, April 28th of 2012 we arrived in Chesapeake VA!  7 years after arriving at Keypoint Church and helping them plant, 7 years after purchasing our home in Bella Vista and 7 months after God speaking in September that we were to plant a church our feet finally touched our newly leased home in Chesapeake...

It has been said that in the Bible the number 7 represents the number of completion.  For our family, April has definitely been the completion of an incredible season.  It is said the number 8 in the Bible represents the number of new beginnings.  The month of May is definitely that for us since it is the eighth month since the vision for Church at Hampton Roads was conceived.  We are truly excited for what is to come.

I believe no matter what season you or I are in we need to be expecting.  Expecting God to move, expecting the impossible to become possible, expecting God to be faithful to His word and His promises.  But how do we know whether or not our expectancy or our faith has been worn down, depleted or robbed?

I believe the test is to look at our calendar.  Just like a checkbook reveals what is important to us because it shows us where our money is going, our calendar will also let us know what we perceive to be on the horizon for our lives because it shows us where our time is going.  If we are not daily preparing it is safe to say our expectancy has been plundered.  We have had our dreams and hopes dashed and all that is left is routine, mediocrity and we are merely just trying not to loose any more ground.

My encouragement today is PREPARE.  Prepare for greatness!  God has NOT called you to be ordinary.  He creates extraordinary things! And you are His creation...realize the enemy has stolen from you.  Get mad that you have allowed yourself to be robbed of something more precious than money!  To the level you are preparing is the level you are expecting.  The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6,

"Without faith it is impossible to please God..."

I would say without expectancy we may not see anything, ever.  Do not go another day without looking in the mirror and asking yourself, "What am I expecting?"  Paint the picture of faith!  Paint the picture of expectation!  You will see your daily routine begin to change, your passions renewed and a new level of fresh air invade your life. Remember, 

"The greatest sign of expectation is preparation..."

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The Wood Family said...

Good word- one that I needed to hear toay:) Praying blessings for you guys!