Thursday, April 5, 2012


Would you like to make that face at the end of your life?  I would!

I sit here thinking about success and what it takes to see it.  I can not help but conclude that true success comes to those who are intentional about one quality, relentlessness.

Often times the only difference between success and failure is trying some more.  But the issue is some of us get tired, fatigued and burned out and we ultimately quit.  Could one of the most important qualities in all of life be relentlessness?  

If we were to define "relentlessness" we would see words like:

 rigid, unbending, adamant, inflexible and unyielding ....

What if today we stirred ourselves to be relentless?  What if we gut checked ourselves and said "why not"?  The only thing keeping us from achieving what God has called us to is us.  It is taking Jesus at His word.  If we find the ability today to be tenacious, we might just get to the end and get to taste the sweet taste of success because we never gave up.  2 Peter 1:3 says, 

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him (Jesus) who called us by His own glory and goodness..."

Do you believe that?  I today have had to reaffirm my commitment to seeing my life through to the end.  To reaffirm my desire to be relentless and to believe again that He HAS given me ALL I need. To believe again that I am lacking NOTHING.  I for one am not going to get to the end of my life and be filled with regret.  Join with me today and gut check your life.  Pick yourself up off of the mat, look your opposition right in the eye and re-engage with ferocity because the God of the universe, the One who told the Sun to rise HAS equipped you better than you might know.  Today will you join me in being intentional to making one of the qualities of your life relentlessness?  Only you can answer that question for yourself......below is the prayer that is in my heart for myself can pray it to if you would like...

Jesus, today I choose to attempt what I may think is impossible, but with you is closer than ever.  Forgive me where I have doubted and failed.  I love you passionately even through my weakness.  And I am thankful for Your goodness and mercy and I commit to leaving all my energy and passion on the field.  I will give you ALL I have for as long as You give me breath.......You are my All in All... 


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