Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Perseverance...Worship Him With Your Tenacity

Sitting here getting ready for our life group tonight and my mind can not get off of the subject of perseverance.  The definition of perseverance is:

"...steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state,etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement..."

In John 13, Peter tells Jesus that he would die for Him and Jesus tells him before the rooster crows you will deny me three times.  Then in John chapter 18 is the account of Peter's three denials.  I am not sure about you but if I had told Jesus to His face I was willing to die for Him and then could not even own up to hanging out with Him I think proceeding to go on as a disciple would be really hard.  This would mainly be because overcoming the reality of the situation would be extremely difficult.

But what I love about this story is what I love about the story of ALL of history!  Jesus does not give up on those who do not give up on Him!  In John 21 Jesus reinstates a Peter by asking him three times if he loves Him to which Peter says, "yes."  Jesus then tells Peter "..feed My sheep.."  THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Peter denies Jesus three times and Jesus three times gives peter encouragement.....Jesus basically tells him get back in the game!  

But my hat goes off to Peter, a man who could have thrown in the towel but chose to be persistent in what he knew was right.  Today there seems to be a lack of commitment to perseverance, most people do not want to fight for anything, but my Jesus fought through a miserable death for me, I am going to go ahead and choose to persevere for Him, I would challenge you to do the same.  Let Jesus be your treasure, your pursuit even if it costs you EVERYTHING!  HE IS WORTH IT!

Over and over in Revelation it says in regards to rewards and salvation, "Now to him who overcomes."  You might as well say, "Now to those who persevere."

Do not give up.  Do not quit.  Do not get tired of doing good and do not fear!  Because Jesus, our Lord, has overcome the world and has given you everything you need for life and godliness.....TO HIM BE THE GLORY

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