Friday, November 11, 2011


So I just finished reading a few chapters in Proverbs this morning and I came across Proverbs 27:18 which says, 

"...Whoever looks after his Master will be honored.."  

I love the simplicity of this picture!  It is when we place priority on God's desires and God's agenda that we truly begin to see His favor come to rest on everything that we do.   It is not realistic to expect God to elevate our influence or position if we are still stuck in our own selfish ambitions and are not bought into what He wants to do through us, it does not work that way.  The first part of the verse has to come first.  We will see God's favor if we can serve God and honestly be looking to what He desires, what He wants. If we can be the type of people who are consumed with a passion to please our Heavenly Father then we will see His mighty right hand move on our behalf at EVERY TURN!

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